Linen Touch / Annamari Matejko Photography

Linen Touch / Annamari Matejko Photography

Indoors: Saturdays

Kate Handera / Annamari Matejko


Kate the owner of the business, also the designer and the maker. Anna, her niece is the photographer. She deals with the customer service and the assistant work as well.


We specialise in bespoke linen fabrics used for soft furnishing, kitchen liners and linen clothing, also photography products such as prints.


Among other things you can buy tablecloths, round tablecloths, runners, tea towels, napkins all of these are 100% stonewashed linen. We sell linen fabrics as well, perfect for someone who does DIY.


It was last year when we finally decided to go ahead and create Linen Touch. We are really glad for all of the support we get and we cannot wait to show our new products in 2022.

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